Author Resources

Get in touch if you might need help with any of the following!

I am a Goodreads librarian, meaning that I can add books, make corrections to errors on book listings, add missing covers, merge editions, hide entries for Amazon author proofs, get books not by you off your profile, etc. Most fixes take me very little time!

A couple of documents I’ve developed that may be helpful:

And a resource document I recommend:

Editors I have worked with and recommend:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more info if you’re considering working with one of them.

For marginalized authors, I format ebooks and paperbacks using Vellum, for free, time permitting. If you have a forthcoming book or an older one that could use freshening up, get in touch and I’ll see if I can help. I give authors the Vellum file as well as the formatted files, so you’re not locked in with me if you want to make changes in the future.

I have two Discord servers. Please message me via my contact form here if you’d like to invite to one or both.

  • Beta Reading Heck Yeah where authors can ask for and offer beta reading. There are a couple of channels to chat about writing and marketing, but it’s also fine to mute those and simply use the server as a beta reading bulletin board. This server leans SFF and rainbow, but is not exclusively either. Authors must be prepared to offer beta reads for others in the server if they’re going to ask for reads. (Does not have to be a direct swap.) There is also a list in this server of other beta reading resources.
  • Complex Catalogs is for authors who are publishing queer romance / romance-adjacent books, but they are not exclusively writing either m/m or f/f. Most authors in the server write either a range of pairings, sometimes including queer m/f, and/or write trans/nonbinary MCs. The focus of the server is on marketing and the business of writing.