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All These Gifts

A slow burn to high-heat near-future science fiction series about two women with superpowers they didn’t ask for.

If I Were A Weapon (Book 1)
Romance: Two bi/pan women

See the future. Set things on fire. Fall in love? Six months ago, nanites from dying alien ships that crashed on Earth gave people around the world powers. Now drifter Deneve Wilder and shopkeeper Jolie Betancourt are drawn together by Deneve’s precognition… and have to deal with Jolie’s pyrokinesis. Tropes: drifter, ice queen, forced proximity, battle couple, slow burn.

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Know It In The Dark (Book 2)

A dangerous attraction. A secret revealed. Keep reading Jolie and Deneve’s story as an attack connected to a secret from the alien ships leaves someone dead… and surviving the confrontation that follows is going to take more than seeing the future. The two women must start trusting the growing connection between them, and confront the truth about what happens when their powers combine.

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Too Dangerous To Keep (Book 3)

How far would you go to get your life back? Keep reading Jolie and Deneve’s story as a new player in town forces everyone with nanite powers to decide where they’ll draw the line while trying to stay safe and evade capture.

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Love at Knockdown

An interconnected group of family, friends, and coworkers find love at Knockdown Coffee in Austin, Texas.

Get It Right (Book 1)
Romance: Lesbian woman + pan woman

A butch lesbian parolee. The pretty pansexual nurse who got away. Star-crossed almost-lovers are reunited when ex-con Finn runs into former prison nurse Vivi in the public clinic. Is fate offering Finn a second chance? Or is finding love as likely as finding a job with health insurance? Tropes: second chance, butch-femme, (understandable) miscommunication.

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Shake Things Up (Book 2)
Romance: Pan woman + bi woman + questioning man

Three people. One road trip. A polyamorous romance about changing your life. Noelle just got dumped and laid off on the same day. Allie might like Noelle. Allie’s partner Matt might like Noelle too… but he also might like guys? Noelle would date either one of them (or both?), but she’s moving away soon. Clearly they should all drive cross-country together.

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Check Your Work (Book 3)
Romance: Bi woman + bi man

One month. No feelings. They’ve totally got this fake dating thing under control. Fan favorite Oliver the barista finally gets a chance to talk to his customer crush… only to end up fake dating her by accident. Octavia’s delighted Oliver’s willing to play the part, but it’s supposed to be an act. So why does it feel so real?

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Knock Me Down (Short Story Prequel)
Romance: Pan guy + non-queer woman

Can true love happen after thirty-five? Absolutely, but you might need to fall on your ass to find it. When Will Strauss went out to hear a band, he didn’t expect to get knocked down during a political argument. He also couldn’t have known that the (possible) greatest love of his life would arrive on the scene.

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Iospary Stories

Queer romantic suspense set around a far-future colonized planet.

Glorious Day
Romance: Lesbian woman + bi lesbian woman

The bodyguard is a traitor. The princess is her one true love. And the revolution is almost here. A suspenseful low heat novella-length story about the week that changes everything between two women separated by their social status and their secrets. Tropes: suspense, bodyguard-princess, separated by station.

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Necessary Repairs
Romance: Bi/pan woman + lesbian woman

Some things are harder to fix than others. Violet hasn’t seen her danger-loving business partner (and wife) Iona for months. It’s one day’s work and they’re both heavily armed. Surely they can get through one job together without breaking anything else? Tropes: marriage in trouble, bounty hunters.

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Standalone Novels

Tell Me Anything
Romance: Bi woman + bi man

A slow burn, hurt-comfort bi romance. Freelance editor Isabel’s blackmailing ex-boyfriend is threatening to tell her bigoted family she’s bisexual. Derek is a proudly out bi CEO who’s a decade older and has his own history of family rejection. Tropes: cinnamon roll hero, queer found family, age gap.

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The Home I Find With You
Romance: Pan guy + gay guy. Also: queer M/F partnership, budding queerplatonic M/F relationship.

After the second U.S. Civil War, life is dangerous, but risking their hearts might be the biggest threat. Sparks fly when submissive Van meets bold town newcomer Clark. Van’s girlfriend Hadas approves of the match, but the two men won’t get a chance to explore their connection if Van and his team can’t stop the bandits that threaten their town. Tropes: hurt-comfort, D/s elements, post-apocalyptic, small town.

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If You Want Me Close
Romance: Bi man + gay man

Falling in love with your best friend is great… until tragedy means fighting for the romance and the friendship. Bi extrovert Simon and his quiet gay best friend Ziah have always supported each other through tough times. Just as their relationship turns romantic, Ziah’s life changes forever. Tropes: friends to lovers, hurt-comfort, grief, nerds in love, single parenting.

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Winning Move
Romance: Bi woman + bi man

Gina has a no-dating policy, but out-of-towner Marek’s nerdy charm is tough to ignore. She’s a board game fan who’s sworn off relationships. He’s an extroverted translator who’s just passing through her small town… unless she wants more than a one night stand. Which she doesn’t. Nope. Not at all. (Right?)

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