Check Your Work (Love at Knockdown #3)

Release Date: November 1, 2022
Cover Artist: Laya Rose
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One month. No feelings. They’ve totally got this fake dating thing under control.

Bisexual ex-barista Oliver is finally a high school math teacher, and it’s everything he ever wanted. Until he stumbles across the mysterious customer he crushed on back when he worked at Knockdown Coffee… and kinda sorta accidentally tells his Vice Principal that he’s dating her. Oops?

Octavia, a bi programmer, didn’t expect to run into the cute blue-haired barista again. Certainly not while volunteering at a local arts high school. He’s much too young and much too nice for her—but when she discovers he’s told people they’re dating, it’s a stroke of luck. She needs a fake relationship to stick it to her nemesis, and Oliver’s the perfect fit.

Their assignment is simple: one month of a convincing charade, and after the company gala, everything between them is absolutely and completely over.

Sometimes, though, the homework is harder than you expect.

A high heat contemporary queer M/F romance novel with a guaranteed HEA.

Tropes: fake dating, age gap (she’s older), nerds in love, cinnamon roll hero, disaster bi, bisexual romance.


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