Get It Right
Release Date: December 1, 2020
Cover Artist: Laya Rose
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Kindle, KU, and paperback
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A butch lesbian parolee. The pretty pansexual nurse who got away. Is this their second chance at a happily ever after?

Finn is finally out of prison, which is great. Having no job, no car, and no place to sleep except her cousin’s couch? Not so great. Plus, her felony theft conviction isn’t doing wonders for her employment prospects, so she can’t afford her migraine meds without the public clinic.

The last thing she ever expected was for the gal who stole her heart to come walking down that clinic’s hallway: Vivi, the manicure-loving nurse who spent two years fighting the prison system to get proper medical care for her patients, including Finn.

Finn could never believe she imagined the attraction and affection between them. But acting on that in prison, especially as nurse and patient, had been a serious No Way. She’s had eight months to get over Vivi, who abruptly left her job without saying goodbye. Finn is over it. Honest! It’s totally and completely fine.

Except Vivi, here and now, doesn’t seem fine. And Finn couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to help.

Is fate offering Finn a second chance? Or is finding love as likely as finding a job with health insurance?

A 31K f/f contemporary romance novella with a guaranteed HEA. Identities: lesbian, pan.

Content warnings

I’ve tried to make these as spoiler-free as possible, but to me it’s more important to give full content information to those who need it.

On-page or extensive discussion:

  • Sex (explicit in Chapter 9; less detailed reference in Chapter 14)
  • Reflection on negative prison experiences, including delay of medical care and observing trans prisoners being housed in wrong prison
  • Reflection on factors that lead to people being in prison, including abuse, addiction, and poverty
  • Housing insecurity and prospect of living with homophobic parents
  • Difficulty accessing a prescription from a government-funded program
  • Character with chronic migraines has one start on-page
  • Unintended pregnancy with serious consideration of both abortion and continuing the pregnancy
  • Vomiting
  • Side character is a former police officer
  • One phone call from an inebriated side character (who is safe at the time)

Off-page or brief mention:

  • Mentions of character’s mother dying when she was a young child and parentification of oldest sister
  • Descriptions of being rejected by conservative Christian parents for sexual orientation
  • Recovery from injuries sustained in a car accident
  • Weaning off pain medication
  • Discussion of biological parent not being able to raise their child
  • Character with young children has been abandoned by spouse
  • Volunteering at abortion clinic (note: this is included only because some readers may have had stressful or dangerous experiences while volunteering)