If I Were A Weapon (All These Gifts #1)

Release Date: January 12, 2022
Cover Artist: Sarah Waites, Illustrated Page Book Design
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See the future. Set things on fire. Fall in love? A superpowered sci-fi romance.

When dying alien ships materialized across the Earth, their nanite cloud knocked Deneve Wilder out cold. She woke up with the ability to see the future. Determined to keep anyone from using her visions for evil, she took to the road. Giving up everything was a small price to pay for freedom.

The ship that hit Jolie Betancourt’s town gave her the power to set things on fire. It was safer to start over in a new city. Then one terrible mistake demonstrated far too clearly that for her, solitude is safer. For everyone.

So when Deneve shows up after a vision of Jolie being kidnapped, Jolie wants little to do with the frustratingly attractive drifter. Deneve’s surprised by how much she wants to thaw the pretty shopkeeper’s chilly attitude, but the idea of staying in one place sets off her alarm bells.

If they can’t evade whoever’s abducting people with powers, however, the growing connection they both feel in spite of themselves might be the least of their problems.

The first installment of a near-future science fiction F/F romance series with a guaranteed HEA at series end. Slow burn to high heat.

Content Warnings (Draft)

I’ve tried to make these as spoiler-free as possible, but to me it’s more important to give full content information to those who need it.

On-page or significant discussion:

  • Homelessness / transient living, hitchhiking, living without credit cards and I.D., avoiding police.
  • Attempted & successful kidnappings, physical assault, and murder.
  • Concerns about gun violence, gun on page, off-page gunshot. Knife brought out during fight, not used.
  • On-page building fire. Consideration of using fire to injure humans, possible past incident.
  • Nanite infection that affects emotions & behavior.
  • Minor head injury, minor scrapes.
  • Concern about being disappeared by the government or a corporation and experimented on.

In main characters’ backstories, significant discussion:

  • Mass missing persons event worldwide causing chaos and both physical and economic dislocation.
  • Police, military, and vigilante violence against people with superpowers.

Off-page or brief mention:

  • Car accidents, tornadoes.