Shake Things Up (Love at Knockdown #2)
Release Date: 2021
Cover Artist: Laya Rose
Content Warnings: Coming Soon
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Three people. One road trip. A polyamorous romance about change.

Allie and Matt’s happy open relationship means they’re both free to pursue hookups. When Allie falls for a lie, however, she gets caught making out with someone’s boyfriend who doesn’t have permission to play. Ugh.

Yelling at Noelle’s now-ex and helping her move out isn’t the evening Allie planned, but after the women bond over much-needed drinks and a seriously dysfunctional tape gun, Allie’s not ready to say goodbye. It’s confusing; she doesn’t normally like-like people who aren’t Matt.

Matt has plans to privately explore his sexuality during his and Allie’s upcoming road trip to a music festival. Though at 30, shouldn’t he already know if he’s not entirely straight? But he’s cool with Allie inviting her new maybe-crush along on the trip, especially because he and Noelle seem to be clicking too.

Noelle lost her sixty-hour-a-week startup job right before her boyfriend cheated, and moving back home would make job searching easier. She misses having a life, though, and both Allie’s fumbling charm and Matt’s flirtatious humor make her want to say yes to lots of things.

Late-night talks on Texas highways, first kisses, and hotel room confessions might change a lot… especially if Allie and Matt can convince Noelle her next step doesn’t have to mean leaving.