Tell Me Anything
Release Date: 2021
Cover Artist: Victoria Cooper
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Where do you turn when your family won’t accept who you are?

Can Isabel return this year for a refund? Because it sucks. Her editing business would be paying her bills just fine… if her ex-boyfriend wasn’t blackmailing her. Of course, if her conservative family wouldn’t disown her for being bisexual, her ex couldn’t blackmail her in the first place. Sadly, she hasn’t invented time travel to un-make the mistake that created this mess.

Derek has a good life. Mostly. He’s an out bisexual man with a successful business and a loving queer found family. But he’s almost forty, living alone is getting stale, and yet dating seems pointless since nobody’s ever found him exciting enough to build a life with. Given he’s now doing zero-creativity craft kits to pass the time, he suspects they’re right. Maybe he should get a dog.

Isabel isn’t holding auditions for a rescuer, and she wouldn’t have expected Derek, a gorgeous guy with his own history of family rejection, to fill the role. But Derek’s “boring” life is the calm harbor Isabel needs, and her affection helps Derek see himself in a new light. Their tentative connection might become the happily ever after they both deserve—if they can hold onto it through the fallout from Isabel’s recent romantic disaster.

A contemporary queer f/m romance novella with a guaranteed HEA.

Content warnings

I’ve tried to make these as spoiler-free as possible, but to me it’s more important to give full content information to those who need it.

On-page or extensive discussion:

  • Surprise breakup, gaslighting
  • Blackmail of closeted character
  • Biphobia (not from main characters except some that’s internalized)
  • Denial of identity by secondary characters
  • Parental rejection due to sexual orientation, some with religious overtones (no extended diatribes, no slurs used)
  • Secondary character unknowingly makes a joke which accidentally outs another character (to a sympathetic person)
  • Sudden reference to a historical hate crime
  • Economic hardship and loss of health insurance, forgoing prescriptions
  • Inebriation (several characters and instances)
  • Attempted abduction (implication that assault would follow)
  • Panic attack
  • Minor non-sexual assault by a customer at workplace
  • Apartment fire (character is not in danger, does not see flames)
  • Accidental injury to face, emergency medical services, stitches
  • Sex (explicit, Chapters 23 and 26)

In main characters’ backstories, significant discussion:

  • Youth homelessness
  • Cheating (kisses only) by main character
  • Murder of an adult sibling
  • Closeted gay character in heterosexual marriage that led to divorce and hostility, abandonment of child by one parent with the other

Off-page or brief mention:

  • Death of secondary character’s cousin from breast cancer
  • Secondary character cares for sister with pre-eclampsia (positive outcome)
  • Light alcohol consumption at dinner party
  • Drug use by an adult sibling