Too Dangerous To Keep (All These Gifts #3)

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How far would you go to get your life back? The superpowered sci-fi romance series continues.

Deneve’s nanite powers sent her running from her home, trapped her in Austin, and tangled her up with Jolie. Now the nanites want more: a connection between Deneve and a new person who’s put a target on the city by using nanite powers on bystanders.

Jolie never wanted anything but a small, quiet life. Maybe with someone like Deneve? Those dreams died when the alien ships changed her forever. Now her nanites are changing again, and no one has any answers about what it means for her future.

As tensions in the city escalate, Deneve and Jolie end up on a rescue mission that may reveal the truth behind the kidnappings that brought them together. What they find out in the process could give people with nanite powers a way out of the danger they live with every day.

And some people want that badly enough to cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

The third novella in a five-book bi4bi sapphic near-future science fiction romance series, which is slow burn to high heat with a guaranteed HEA at series end.

Cover Artist: Sarah Waites, Illustrated Page Book Design

Content Warnings

These are as spoiler-free as possible, but to the author it’s more important that folks who need content details can get them.

On-page or significant discussion:

  • Homelessness / transient living, living without credit cards and I.D.
  • Assault, gunshot, attempted drowning.
  • Fire.
  • Body horror.
  • Police raid, accusations of terrorism, anti-superpowers graffiti.
  • Nanite infection that affects emotions and behavior.
  • Threat of being imprisoned or disappeared by the government or a corporation and experimented on.
  • Separation from family without knowing if they’re still alive.
  • Trauma.

In main characters’ backstories, significant discussion:

  • Mass missing persons event worldwide causing chaos, physical and economic dislocation, and riots.
  • Police, military, and vigilante violence against people with superpowers.
  • Assault/murder of an attacker in defense of someone else.

Off-page or brief mention:

  • Social drinking.
  • Past deadnaming.