Cameos In My Contemporaries

Get It Right (December 2020)

Dr. Choi, who hires Finn, is Mina’s cousin in If You Want Me Close.

Tell Me Anything (September 2021)

Derek’s realtor in Austin, Mary Katherine, is Simon’s cousin-by-marriage in If You Want Me Close. He also mentions Needlepoints, the tattoo studio owned by Mary Katherine’s wife Elena who is Simon’s cousin.

Shake Things Up (March 2022)

Noelle walks by a tattoo studio called Needlepoints. This is owned by Simon’s cousin Elena in If You Want Me Close.

She also passes a stationery store two doors down from a Thai restaurant. This is an homage to Paper Dreams from If I Were A Weapon, though the All These Gifts series does not take place in the same universe.

If You Want Me Close (May 2022)

Simon mentions a hot architect who swims at the Y. This is Scott Macey, whom Isabel went to high school with and is mentioned in Tell Me Anything. He also mentions going to Knockdown Coffee. 🙂

Dae-hyun, Mina’s cousin, is Dr. Choi from Get It Right.

Check Your Work (November 2022)

When Octavia is waiting for Oliver to change in the dressing room, the woman who comments on Oliver’s looks is Simon’s cousin Elena from If You Want Me Close.

Make Her Smile (2023)

Phoebe’s copyeditor is Isabel from Tell Me Anything.

Finch, Tabby’s therapist, is also Simon’s therapist from If You Want Me Close.