My Books

My books range across the queer romance spectrum. They all star main characters who offer each other kindness & end with that heartwarming HEA/HFN all of us romance readers are looking for!


The Light Gets In Series

A hurt-comfort duology about the closet set in Boston, Massachusetts. Characters struggle with their identity & its ramifications in each book, but they find other queer people to support them.

Tell Me Anything
Romance Details: Bisexual woman + bisexual man

She’s 26 and closeted. He’s 38 and has been out since high school. She’s being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend. Their tentative connection might become the happily ever after they both deserve—if they can hold onto it through the fallout from Isabel’s recent romantic disaster.

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The Love at Knockdown Series

An interconnected group of family, friends, and coworkers find love. Some of them face tough issues, but with a cozy feel. Centered around Knockdown Coffee in Austin, Texas.

Knock Me Down (A Love at Knockdown Story)
Romance details: Pansexual man + non-queer woman who gets it

Can true love happen after thirty-five? Absolutely, but you might need to fall on your ass to find it. A short story featuring a pansexual guy falling head over heels, a straight gal who desperately needs a new career, and more than one incident requiring first aid.

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Get It Right (Love at Knockdown #1)
Romance details: Lesbian woman + pansexual woman

Star-crossed almost-lovers are reunited when ex-con butch Finn runs into pretty pansexual prison nurse Vivi in the public clinic. Is this their second chance at a happily ever after?

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Shake Things Up (Love at Knockdown #2)
Romance details: Pansexual woman + bisexual woman + questioning man (in various romances / partnerships)

Coming April 2022! A polyamorous road trip romance about changing your life. Noelle just got dumped and laid off on the same day. Allie might like Noelle. Allie’s partner Matt might like Noelle too… but he also might like guys?

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Science Fiction & Post-Collapse


Suspenseful single-title romances available wherever ebooks are sold.

Glorious Day
Romance details: Lesbian woman + bi/pan woman

The bodyguard is a traitor. The princess is her one true love. And the revolution is almost here. A suspenseful low heat novella-length story about the week that changes everything between two women separated by their social status and their secrets.

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The Home I Find With You
Romance details: Pansexual man + gay man. Secondary: queer M/F romance, queerplatonic relationship.

A polyamorous romance about building a new life after the world fall apart. When Van and Clark meet, Clark must decide whether Van’s love and Hadas’s friendship are enough to overcome his fear of once again letting down those he cares about.

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The All These Gifts Series

A slow burn to high heat five-novella series about two women with superpowers they didn’t ask for. Near-future science fiction.

If I Were A Weapon (All These Gifts #1)
Romance details: Two bi/pan women

Coming January 2022! Six months ago, nanites from dying alien ships that crashed on Earth gave people around the world powers. Now drifter Deneve Wilder and shopkeeper Jolie Betancourt are drawn together by Deneve’s precognition… and have to deal with Jolie’s pyrokinesis.

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