Queer Romance New & Recent Releases: March Edition

If you’re looking for sci-fi romance, this month’s list is going to be awesome for you – but as always, there’s plenty here for everyone. I hope you find something new and interesting for your TBR!


If you find any errors, please let me know so I can correct them. And if you ever spot an AI cover here, please reach out so I can yank that book down with a quickness.

New and Recent Releases

Brewing Spirits by Donovan Snow (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: M/M/M polyam romance by a gay male author. This series starter came out in late November but I somehow lost track of it, so luckily book 2 came out recently and got it back onto my radar. The series follows the same characters so start here if it looks good.

“For Leif, it started as just another summer night serving alcohol at the Rainbow Rooster, one of Minneapolis’ many gay bars. After he bears witness to a ghostly assault, however, he finds himself recruited by not just one, but two hunky detectives — Tucker, a canine shifter and belly-rub fiend, and Rahul, a free-spirited Djinn and Tucker’s ex.

As the only person to have actually seen this spectral perpetrator, Leif is going to have to quickly master his newfound talents as a spiritmancer if he wants to help in the case. For a vertically-challenged cub that’s used to being overlooked, this might just be his ticket to a lasting relationship.

Brewing Spirits is a low-angst, polyamorous paranormal romance about magical booze, himbo were-dogs, cocksure private eyes, and tender reconciliation.

Wreathed in Tide and Torment by Rowan MacKay (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Queer M/F. This genre is not usually my jam but I may well end up reading this because the sample really pulled me in. The male MC is bi and demisexual.

“Dive into the enchanting gaslamp fantasy city of Mossburgh, where the fey are long-forgotten and secrets linger in every shadow.

Calum, a detective inspector burdened by his haunting past, and Aly, a cunning and resourceful criminal, form an unlikely alliance to solve a political murder.

As they chase the bloody connections linking the victim to the crime lairds, their relationship becomes as tangled as the city’s underworld.

Will their unexpected alliance bring the freedom they crave, or will it unravel, threatening everything they’ve fought for?

Immerse yourself in a historical fantasy setting brimming with magic and intrigue, where every twist of fate brings forth new revelations and dangers.

Set in a world inspired by Scottish history and folklore, this romantic fantasy features a demisexual bi protagonist and is the first installment in a thrilling trilogy.”

Call of the Sea by Emily B Rose (Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Queer M/F. Demisexual heroine with ADHD.

“Kenna has never wanted the life ahead of her; trapped in her castle and married to someone she does not love. She dreams of a life of adventure, exploring the ocean, searching for mermaids. Except mermaids don’t exist. At least, that’s what she has always been told.

Unfortunately, her plans for exploration are thwarted. Every heir must wed, and with war on the horizon, her time is up. Five suitors are vying for her hand, but Kenna vowed never to marry someone only after her crown. Only, one of them doesn’t seem to care about her title, refusing to even use it. Just as she begins to consider opening up to him, he disappears.

Kenna chases after him and learns his secret, before a storm wrecks her boat. Finding herself stranded on an island with him, Kenna has no choice but to trust him to nurse her back to health. With the tension growing, and sparks she doesn’t trust flying between them, Kenna has to decide how to balance the desires of her heart and her duty to her people. And how far she’s willing to go to learn the whole truth.”

The Locket’s Tale by RJ Peterson (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: M/M romance with older characters, by a queer guy author.

“When Miles Wickford happens upon a locket one day during his morning walk, little did he realize how his life would change.

Elias Grafton is frantic when his beloved locket is taken from his antique shop. He fears it may be lost forever.

Miles is intrigued by the power the locket possesses but can’t in good conscience keep what doesn’t belong to him. Although it can’t hurt to try it once or twice, can it?

A locket brings these two men together. And Fate, or the locket’s magic, leads to so much more.

Sometimes love is just lying there, waiting to be found.”

Stranded by E. Davies (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Davies has a real gift for making characters pop starting on page one. Queer nonbinary author.

One last chance at freedom.

If I can’t pull up my failing fashion grades by the end of the semester, I’ll have to follow in the footsteps that everyone expects of me. Trade daring harnesses for dull neckties, and dim my sparkle for good. My bridges are burning fast, leaving me stranded — literally — until my knight in a shining ferry rescues me.

Alph says he isn’t gay, but the skipper can’t hide the way he looks at me after one stolen moonlight kiss. I can’t afford a distraction. And he’s six-foot-something of pure, muscled, earnest, lighthearted, stupidly crushable distraction.

So I really shouldn’t make him my landlord, right?

I want to save him from the rising tide.

I have half a house to rent out, and Ronan needs to escape his tormenting classmates. Our friendship should be a perfect fit: Ronan makes island life more fun, and he gets desperately-needed artistic inspiration. If only we could keep our hands off each other.

We make a deal: one night together. No strings, no expectations, and this is settled for good. But now I want to prove that Sunrise Island is more than an artist’s retreat for Ronan. It could be our home — forever.

Can we find the strength to wear our hearts on our sleeves for the whole world to see?”

The Crown and the Collar by Dominic N. Ashen (Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: M/M erotic romance by a gay male author.

“Peter has lived on a farm all his life. He loves nothing more than helping his parents tend to their fields and animals. Still, sometimes life in Weston can be a little too quiet; he can’t help but wonder what else is out there. Imagine his surprise when the crown prince of Litkalaa comes knocking and makes him an offer he can’t refuse: wear his collar and become the next royal consort.

Prince Makseka Blackclaw is used to getting everything he wants, which is why he doesn’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about his offer to Peter. He just wants to take the cute boy back to the castle where he’ll be pampered, well-fed, and maybe they’ll have some fun together too. Sadly, it may take more than a few mistakes to help him see how misguided some of his actions are, even if he means well.

This is a story about farming, werewolves, palace intrigue, and all sorts of secrets. Explore the island of Litkalaa and see what the royals are like behind closed doors through the eyes of a simple farm boy. This book features themes of gay/male-on-male romance with elements of Kink and BDSM — or in other words, a very good time!”

Mortgage of Convenience by Dani McLean (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Queer M/F, he’s bi. Author is Bi/NB.

“Ever sent a drunk text to your ex and regretted it in the morning? Well, imagine pitching the debut novel you’ve been hiding to your agent, then waking up with a hangover and a deadline. Oh, and you have a debilitating fear of rejection.

Welcome to Bee Montgomery’s life.

The shy ghostwriter has always shied away from the limelight but may never get this opportunity again. So after five years away, Bee returns home with little more than a suitcase of secrets and a dream. What she really needs is someone confident to guide her.

Enter Sebastian Wolfe, her brother’s best friend. The older man spent his twenties avoiding commitment and his whole life trying to be the man his father never was, but the sexy ex-stripper secretly dreams of a white picket fence and a home of his own. He isn’t expecting to come up short on the deposit, or for the woman he shouldn’t want to offer the rest in exchange for his help to get over her stage fright. But if Bee can’t see how incredible she is, he’s more than happy to show her.

It’s not long before they’re stripping away more than her inhibitions, but as Bee’s deadline looms, she needs to decide if she’s going to keep playing house or return to her real life.”

Easy as Falling by Viano Oniomoh (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Set in Nigeria, Black author, interesting take on the amnesia trope.

“His sole job as a Guardian is to guide his charge to the best of his ability. If he’s seeing glimpses of a life where he seems to have formed a lovely relationship with his charge, it must be some kind of mistake.

Jack knows there’s something wrong with Michael. For some reason, it seems his guardian angel doesn’t remember who he is. Then again, Michael has been breaking all of heaven’s rules for years now; this had to be him finally paying the price.

Jack doesn’t want to lose his angel, but he doesn’t know what to do, and while the Guardian can’t remember, he can’t seem to shake off this strange ache of something missing.

As it turns out, when it comes to matters of the heart, there’s not a power in heaven or on earth that can interfere.”

D3F3CT by Olive J. Kelly (Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: The sample really kept me on the edge of my seat, holy wow! Nonbinary lesbian author.

“When reluctant IPF Lieutenant Sebastian Wilder performs a confidential check-in on a top-secret lab, the last thing he expects to find is a highly illegal cloning facility that manufactures identical girls as products for the filthy rich. When he rescues the sole remaining ‘product’ on a split-decision, cutting all ties with his employer, he triggers a chain reaction that hurdles him and the girl on the run across the galaxy.

Sebastian taps into an encrypted line to the violent rebel sect threatening the galactic government. The man on the other end seems suspicious- and for good reasons – but as Sebastian relinquishes valuable information his ex-employer would execute him for, the two start an ill-advised relationship across galactic allegiances.

With not only Sebastian’s life in danger, but those of his ward and confidant too, every step away from the IPF is of infinite importance. But while Sebastian knows what he’s running from, what is his end goal? What does survival – and above that, freedom – look like for a guilt-ridden defector like him?”

Earth Earls Are Easy by Catherine Stein (Kobo Plus / Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Bi 4 bi M/F science fiction romance, she’s a mercenary who’s after him, he’s sunshine, she’s grumpy, AHHHHHHH!!! (fans self)

Even on Mars, Opposites Attract

Wyatt Hartford, Earl of Windborne, spends his days running a smuggling operation under the noses of his political enemies. Twenty years prior, Wyatt and three other young, orphaned aristocrats fled war- and weather-ravaged Earth for the Martian city-state of Utopia. Now the four friends—nicknamed the Lords of Dystopia—use their money and influence to champion citizens’ rights and progressive reforms. To the downtrodden, they are leaders. To the noble scions of Queen Victoria’s empire, they are a threat.

Mercenary Nova Pratt likes her assignments—and her life—efficient, tidy, and uncomplicated. Her latest contract ought to be perfect: Find and arrest the smuggler known as the Viper. Lock up the bad guy and save the day. Her target is no hardened criminal, though. He’s a rainbows-and-sunshine chaos gremlin with a mischievous smile and hips that won’t stop swaying to chipper Earth-pop. Nova can’t look away.

Wyatt won’t let a surly, law-abiding merc derail his operation, even if her scowl and sharp commands make his blood run hot. When he uncovers a smuggling scheme far more nefarious than his own, he seizes the opportunity to point Nova at the real villains. It won’t be easy to work as reluctant allies while resisting their inconvenient attraction. But as political games turn deadly, these opposites must trust one another to fight for what’s right—by putting their lives and their hearts on the line.”

Her Princess by Brooke Winters (Kobo Plus / Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Victorian D/s sapphic romance. Queer disabled autistic author.

“Princess Valentina doesn’t intend to marry. She has no use for, or want of, a husband. When her father tries to force the issue she takes matters into her own hands and leaves the small Mediterranean country that her father rules. She goes to the only woman who she knows will help her; the dowager Duchess of Surrey.

Harriet is settling into her new life at the progressive Duchess of Surrey School for Girls but when the spoilt Princess Valentina arrives, her whole world is turned upside down. There’s something about the other woman that captivates and infuriates her, all at the same time.

When Valentina starts to make life difficult for everyone, Harriet knows that she needs to take control of the situation and put the princess in her place.”

The Alien’s Falconer by Skye MacKinnon and Arizona Tape (Kobo Plus / Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Sapphic sci-fi romance has my heart, and I’m really digging what I’ve read so far. Tape is an Asian author.

She stole a ship… and its captain’s heart

Georgia never chose to work as a space pirate. Abducted from Earth by aliens as a teenager, she’s had to become tough to survive the depths of lawless space. Violence and deceit are all she knows… until she steals from the wrong woman.

When alien Captain Ellabee responds to a stranded ship’s call for aid, she’s astonished to find a human and her sassy pet bird on board. But the gorgeous female isn’t all she seems. Suddenly, Ellabee’s ship and crew are in danger, and Georgia won’t help unless she gets what she wants.

Once the crew unravels some of Georgia’s past, Ellabee’s anger and frustration give way to compassion for the clever human… and something else she never expected to find. Love.

Georgia is torn between fear that Ellabee’s kindness is a trick and hope that Ellabee is as good as she seems. Can two lonely women surrender their hearts to love, or is the mistrust and betrayal too much to overcome?

An out-of-this-world f/f alien romance with a headstrong human woman and an alien female used to being in charge. […] If you love lesbian romance, cute animals, and humorous science fiction, this series will make you laugh, swoon, and wish you had your own sassy alien parrot.”

Broken Parts Included by Alyson Root (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Sapphic romance with chronic illness rep. Cw: some weight talk, I think it’s wrapped up in the as-yet-undiagnosed illness.

“For as long as Lydia Archer can remember, her life has been a balancing act between a tireless battle with her health and the tireless search for “the one.” She’s put herself out there time and again, yet still, has found nobody prepared for the rollercoaster of her mystery ailment. Persistent pain and dismissive doctors are Lydia’s constant shadow. Just as Lydia begins to think that her beloved pup Monty is the only one who can handle her brokenness, her sister’s best friend, Halle, steps in to save her health and quite possibly, her heart.

Just as Lydia is on the mend, the unexpected arrival of love threatens to throw everything off balance. And to top it off, as a friendship blossoms between Lydia and Halle, Lydia’s sister Fe finds herself grappling with her own whirlwind of emotions. Throw in the delightful chaos of Lydia’s “niblings,” Fe’s mischievous triplets, and this sapphic romance weaves a tale of healing and love, reminding us that sometimes both can be found in the most unexpected places.

Lydia’s journey is one of resilience, family, self-discovery, and the promise that true love accepts us for the whole — broken parts included — because love has a way of piecing things back together.”

How Not To Date An Angel by Lana Kole (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Nonbinary, genderfluid MC. The covers of this series are all so pretty.

“As an angel, Rami won’t turn away anyone in need. Not their therapy patients and apparently, not even a demon.

Showing up on Rami’s doorstep bloody and beaten, Julian seems to need Rami’s help most of all. But no amount of patients – or patience – could prepare them for this injured hellion.

Julian, grateful for a taste of freedom, has a job to do. Tempting the angel should be easy, especially since they volunteer to show him all that Earth has to offer. The boundaries of temptation blur more with each simple pleasure Rami introduces him to, such as sweet coffees, baked goods, and soft caresses.
So excited to experience Earth, Julian didn’t expect to find Heaven in this angel’s arms.

Now there’s no going back. Not to a time before Rami and not to Hell. But if he fails his temptation, he won’t have a choice.

The most authentic human experience of all stands between Julian and freedom: love.”

All This Time by Sage O’Donnell (Bold Strokes Books / Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Sapphic romance with older main characters. Small press.

“Is fifty-one too late to accept you’re a lesbian?

When the sexuality she swept under the rug as a teenager refuses to stay hidden, Erin finally accepts who she really is, divorces her husband, and sets about starting a new chapter in her life. Perhaps a reunion weekend with her three best high school friends will help her sort out what she really wants now. She’s especially looking forward to seeing Jodi, her not-so-secret crush whose kiss confirmed her teenage sexuality and sent her reeling. It can’t hurt to see if the spark is still there.

Jodi has been living out and proud since she moved away to go to college over thirty years ago. She’s happy with her life and career, but she’s a serial monogamist who always finds a reason to move on. She has no idea this reunion weekend has the potential to open old wounds.

Erin hopes it’s never too late to live as her true self. Can she convince Jodi to forgive her complicated past and accept her complex present after all this time?”

Truly Home by J.J. Hale (Bold Strokes Books / Amazon / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: J.J. was one of the first authors to get excited about this newsletter and support it when I announced it. Also, the sample for this book grabbed my heart and didn’t let go. Looking forward to continuing with it. Small press.

“The residents of Ruth Miller’s small rural village took it upon themselves to guide her after her parents died. But she’s an adult now and determined to find her own path, starting with learning more about the parents she lost too soon. Maybe if she understands who they were and how they shaped her, she’ll be able to share her life with someone special without the cold fingers of anxiety locking her into the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Olivia Bell’s chaotic childhood has left her lonely. Her independence has served her well in everything except relationships, and she’s desperately searching for connection. She never had a happy home and left the minute she was old enough. The only person she can rely on is her little sister Grace, but Grace needs her help caring for their father—the last thing Olivia wants to do.

When Ruth and Olivia meet, they become the one bright spot in each other’s days. But Ruth wishes more than anything for the family she lost, and Olivia would do almost anything to escape hers. Could home ever be more than a four-letter word?”

Rubies & Promises by Coffee Quills (Amazon/KU / Goodreads)

Why I’m excited to list it: Polyam human + vampire + gargoyle romance.

Cities are always full of secrets.
The interesting part comes when the truth is unburied. Kenneth, a vampire from the older years of bootlegging and Prohibition, knows how dangerous secrets can be. After all, the Blue Flame Massacre (an ambush and murder of eleven politically powerful vampires and humans) was obviously his fault for leaking secrets to the wrong people. Ostracized and untrusted, Kenneth spends his days clinging onto the only home he’s ever known and the only friend who’s stuck by his side.

It’s a rock-solid romance that’s survived decades.
Jasper is a living statue, which means he sits watch at night and helps during fires, but since the day he met Kenneith, he’s felt it’s his job in life to protect the vampire from others and especially from himself. The grayscale gargoyle worries about his lover, so when the vampire instantly falls for Violet, the only human who’s been nice to him, Jasper’s already checking to see what she’s hiding and wondering how many pieces Kenneth will be left in.

But will they survive what Violet finds in an antique desk?
A hidden picture. A truth uncovered. And all hell breaks loose. Kenneth will have to choose between living in the past with Jasper, or saving a future with Violet… but if he can hit on all six, there might be a pleasurable present with both of them.”

My Recent Reads and Recommendations

At the end of each newsletter, I recommend a few of my recent favorite queer reads, from romance to SFF to graphic novels, comics, and kids’ books. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite book here! These may not always be self-published or small press; it just depends on what’s gotten to the top of my TBR lately.

Grandma & Grandma’s Waystation Cafe by Mindi Briar (Amazon / Goodreads)

I had the pleasure of beta reading this fun suspense story set in one of my favorite science fictional worlds. The MCs, Rae and Toni, are in a QPR, have a “mutual lack of interest in romance,” and Rae is ace.

“Pirates shouldn’t mess with the grandmas who feed them…

Welcome to Grandma Rae and Grandma Toni’s cafe, where delicious home-cooked comfort food is served up daily on an asteroid pit stop for long-haul starship pilots. The Waystation’s thriving businesses might look like a juicy target for a pirate attack, but watch out! When the grandmas’ livelihood is threatened, they won’t go down without a fight.”

After Francesco by Brian Malloy (Amazon / Goodreads)

This novel about the fallout of the AIDS crisis by an author who lived through it is so emotionally tough, but it’s amazing and I’m so glad I read it.

“The year is 1988 and 28-year-old Kevin Doyle is bone-tired of attending funerals. It’s been two years since his partner Francesco died from AIDS, an epidemic ravaging New York City and going largely ignored by the government, leaving those effected to suffer in silence, feeling unjustifiable shame and guilt on top of their loss.

Some people might insist that Francesco and the other friends he’s lost to the disease are in a better place, but Kevin definitely isn’t. Half-alive, he spends his days at a mind-numbing job and nights with the ghost of Francesco, drunk and drowning in memories of a man who was too young to die.

When Kevin hits an all-time low, he realizes it’s time to move back home to Minnesota and figure out how to start living again — without Francesco. With the help of a surviving partners support group and friends both old and new, Kevin slowly starts to do just that. But an unthinkable family betrayal, and the news that his best friend is fighting for his life in New York, will force a reckoning and a defining choice.”

Maiden & Princess by Daniel Haack and Isabel Galupo, illustrated by Becca Human (Amazon / Goodreads)

“[…] a strong, brave maiden is invited to attend the prince’s royal ball, but she’s not as excited to go as everyone else. After her mother convinces her to make an appearance, she makes a huge impression on everyone present, from the villagers to the king and queen, but she ends up finding true love in a most surprising place.”

Very sweet romantic picture book with lovely art! What I particularly liked: the main character’s parents try to set their daughter up with a guy at first, but it doesn’t seem to be so much about them assuming she would only be interested in a guy, as that they were trying to match her up with someone who has similar interests. Turns out, the right person for her is very different.

QU33R, edited by Rob Kirby (Northwest Press / Amazon / Goodreads)

I’m so glad our library had this for me to check out. The wide variety of art and storytelling styles in this comics anthology meant that plenty of the 33 pieces were not up my alley, but I also found some of my new very favorite comics short stories here. It definitely leans more towards the “alt” side of comics rather than the polished mainstream, and I enjoyed that about the stories that clicked for me.

My two fave sapphic stories from this anthology are both lighthearted: “Toot Toot Heyyyyyyy Beep Beep” by Carrie Meninch about a teen girl falling in love, and the pulp assassin tale “Just Another Night in Carbon City” by Jennifer Camper. I found two of the more painful tales here compelling: Eric Orner’s “Porno” about gay isolation (cw: off-page murder) and “Seductive Summer” by Justin Hall, about a relationship marred by mental illness. “Guitar Bass Drums” by Craig Bostick is an extremely well-done piece about unrequited love from multiple perspectives, while the starts-as-revenge-fantasy tale “Vacant Lots” by Steve MacIsaac really stuck with me.

It’s definitely worth taking a look if your library has it, or the PDF from Northwest Press is only $10 which is cheaper than the Kindle version.

Content warning for multiple sexual assaults in the story “So Young, So Talented, SO WHAT?!”

And that’s this month’s list! Thanks so much for being here.