(Draft) Queer F/M Romances for Your TBR

Welcome to a showcase of romance novels, novellas, and short stories where a man and a woman fall in love… and either one or both of them are queer! Take a browse, and you just might find a new favorite read.

Edge of the Woods by Jules Kelley

Haley Fern has been the alpha of her local werewolf pack for less than a year when Leland Sommers, a man who knows nothing about werewolves, is hired as the new deputy in her small town. Then the man shows up for his first day on the job with a teenage boy he found on the road… a boy Haley knows has just been bitten.

Rep and additional tropes: Bisexual woman MC + bisexual man MC.

Candy by Torrance Sene

In front of the camera, Candy can escape the pressures of her family’s bakery and play at life on her own terms. Freedom has never been so sweet. Miles is caught between family angst, anxiety, and work stress. Soon his online playtime isn’t enough. He longs to let go and find someone to hold onto.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)

Strings Attached by Suzanne Clay

April’s married best friends Gavin and Jillian have been together since high school, and April has satisfied herself with adoring them both secretly. When they offer for Gavin to serve as April’s fake boyfriend to drive off a persistent customer, the decision seems easy. But secrets to come to light that April never anticipated.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)

Tell Me Anything by Skye Kilaen

Isabel needs a refund on this sucky year. No health insurance for her insomnia meds, just barely paying her bills, an outing threat by her ex…​​​​​​​​ But then she meets Derek. Gentle. Caring. Out, and thriving. Maybe the worst year of her life could bring her exactly what she needs.

Rep and additional tropes: Bisexual woman MC + bisexual man MC, insomnia rep.