(Draft) Queer Polyamorous Romances for Your TBR

Welcome to a showcase of romance novels, novellas, and short stories about queer polyamory. From closed triads to open relationships and complex polycules, take a look and you just might find a new favorite read!

Welcome to the Show by Jules Kelley

Rockstar Keith and actor Adam have the kind of relationship that keeps tabloids in business: Passionate and dramatic. They’ve mostly managed to keep their taste for threesomes a secret, though… until they meet Sebastian, a budding journalist who fits perfectly between them.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)

Dithered Hearts by Chace Verity

A gender-confused farmer desperate to reclaim her farm and escape her stepparents’ abuse. A closeted prince more interested in helping his people than finding a bride. A fairy godfather with a ton of secrets and no powers. In this diverse fairy tale, everyone is searching for a happy ending.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)

What Lies Within by Issy Waldrom

Fraser has magic, and is part of the esteemed Guardians of Humanity. He is a member of one of the founding families of said Guardians, and an elite spellsword, trained and deadly. He even has a best friend who has always been there with him. But beneath all of that, Fraser’s life is a mess.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)

The Home I Find With You by Skye Kilaen

When Clark walks into Van’s life in post-war rural Colorado, neither can ignore the sparks between them. Van has built a good new normal with his girlfriend Hadas after his wife’s death, but Clark’s flirtation and dominant tendencies awaken a desire for a kind of romance Van thought he’d lost forever.

Rep and additional tropes: Pansexual man MC + gay man MC + pansexual woman SC.

The Thornfruit trilogy by Felicia Davin

On market trips, Ev sees a young woman who playfully steals a handful of fruit. When the thief needs help, Ev doesn’t hesitate. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that draws them all over Laalvur and beyond. In the second book, a prickly and mysterious islander joins them for a journey that will test their budding romance.

Rep and additional tropes: (fill in)